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About Diya

Diya trains and employs the differently abled. At Diya Foundation training is provided in data entry, chocolate making, candle making, screen printing, making craft from paper and recyclable products like newspapers, bottles, bobbins, etc.


At Diya Innovations we employ the differently abled and make a variety of corporate and individual gifting alternatives - chocolate, candles, a line of household linen, decorative lighting options, interesting crafts from recycled paper, bottles, etc.


Our goal

is to encourage the differently abled to look after themselves, develop skills for employment and EARN a living


The Team


Deepika joined the vocational training centre in 2011. Her excellent ability to follow instructions, work in a team and supervise others makes her a valuable member of the Candle unit. She handcrafts close to 50000 little wax flowers and wax Angels a year, in a myriad of colour combinations. Her patience and attention to detail help her excel at her tasks.

Bhuvana has been with Diya since its inception. A silent and hard worker, meticulous in her tasks - bag making, diya painting, sanding of paper mâché and wood ornaments, fan folding paper for wreaths, etc. Over the years she has learned many skills and puts them to great use transitioning easily from one to the next.

Prithviraj Babu

Prithviraj Babu has been with Diya since 2011. He is conscientious and diligent at his work. Whether it's making bowls and bins from layers of newspaper or folding paper bags, he painstakingly goes through the steps in the process, ensuring perfection at each stage. Mild mannered, gentle and always smiling, he is a boon to the paper craft team.

Divya Shalini has been at Diya since 2011. An assiduous worker, she achieved all the goals set for her during training for chocolate making. Today she works independently on all steps of the chocolate making process and is vigilant about cleanliness and safety standards that are set for her unit. We are proud of her growth, as well as her culinary and supervisory abilities.

Divya Shalini

Shyama joined us in 2013. Very conscientious about timeliness and attendance regularity, Shyama is a stickler for perfection too. She transitions easily from one task to another. She makes great paper bags, paints diyas beautifully, wraps chocolate and candles perfectly....all this with a beautiful smile.

Philp, a member of the team since 2012, is an excellent assistant to Sendhil, our production in charge. Philip sets the training programme rolling every morning by making large quantities of gum and paper mâché dough, used in the paper units. He also keeps paper sheets ready for trainees working on newspaper bowls, bins and lanterns. At packing up time, he ensures the workspace is cleaned and kept ready for the next morning. An integral member of the team, he keeps the production process going smoothly by ensuring everyone has what they need.


Pradeep came to Diya in 2007 with low attention span and major behaviour issues. Today he sits for hours creating paper bowls and lanterns. He helps keep the workspace clean and is also an able assistant to Sendhil.

Ayesha began work in the paper unit when she first came to Diya in 2010. She was very childish and gave her mother a lot of trouble with regard to her relationship with her four younger siblings. Over the years in Diya, not only has she grown in maturity but has learnt to be very responsible and conscientious about her work. She has shown great improvement in her relationship with her colleagues, working as a team member and improving her productivity. Today, she exceeds all our expectations in achieving her daily targets. She is able to paint perfectly over 200 diyas per day and maintains quality on the paper bowls she makes. As a result of her growth and productivity Ayesha has moved into employment at Diya Innovations from April 2015.


Abhilash works in the Recycled Craft unit. He is 23 years old and has been in Diya since 2010. Abhilash's parents were very protective of him and he was never allowed to go out. After joining Diya, Abhilash has grown tremendously in his self dependence, work skills and social skills. He has made such good progress that as of April 1st 2015 he has moved into employment at Diya Innovations.

Bhagyaraj joined Diya Innovations in April this year. Very hardworking, conscientious and earnest he is a valuable member of the candle unit, and is able to do many tasks, including making colorful chip candles, independently. We're really proud of his progress!


Our Products

Diya Innovations has a wide range of gifting ideas to suit every taste and budget. We customise ideas for Corporates and Special occasion Gifting. Products range from Exquisite Candles to Delicious Chocolates and Innovative Handicrafts using Fabric, Recylced Items, etc.

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